Yay! New Store

I am so excited to be writing this post. After a sixteen month stint in my studio designing a bunch of different things I am finally ready to rejoin the world. What I mean by that is, I am opening a new store. I guess you could call it passion or obsession or just what makes me happy but I love sharing with people. I've always said that I am a terrible "salesperson" I just like to tell people what I love about the things I sell. It might be the amazing materials or the inventive design or it might just be the simple awesomeness of the person or company that produced it. Either way it all hinges on a personal experience that just can't be replicated or conveyed online only. Don't get me wrong, I love the visual, artful expression of styling and photographing beautiful things but somehow clicking "publish" on the website cant replace real life interactions. I love to see someone walk out of the fitting room ready to conquer the world because they feel like a million bucks. Or, when a friend finds the most perfectly perfect gift for their dad who is so hard to buy for. I love it all and I have missed it all, so I am bravely going where every business blog says not to go...........brick and mortar retail. See you there!